2020 International Conference on Public Health and Data Science(ICPHDS 2020)
assoc.prof.Zongwen Bai,associate Director

assoc.prof.Zongwen Bai,associate Director

Brief introduction of your research experience:


Bai Zongwen, PHD. associate professor, tutor of master's degree, visiting scholar of University of Texas, meeting review expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China, doctor of Northwest University of Technology (in reading), director of Shaanxi Institute of graphics and imaging, director of Shaanxi Institute of signal processing.

 Presided over or completed more than 10 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, and the acceptance conclusion of the Provincial Natural Science Fund presided over is excellent, and other completed projects all overfulfilled the research task with excellent indicators. In recent years, he has published more than 20 papers on discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science and other domestic and foreign publications. Served as the review expert of regional innovation joint fund project meeting. As reviewer of IEEE transaction cybernetics and other international SCI journals.

 Won one second prize of science and technology of Yan'an City (the first adult), one young science and technology award of Yan'an City, and was selected into the "special science and Technology Officer (three District talents)" plan of Shaanxi Province in 2019. 12 national invention patents have been applied for, including 5 for the first time and 1 for authorization.